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Progressive Property Management 

helps condominium boards manage their Saskatoon properties more efficiently.

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Progressive Property Management

makes it easier to invest wisely in Condominium Real Estate.

Leave the details to us.  We put our considerable experience towards the day to day operations of your condominium complex, so you can enjoy the worry free lifestyle without the headache.

Condominiums can be an excellent choice for many homeowners, but if you are a new owner, managing the rules of caring for spaces you share with neighbours can seem challenging. An experienced management team can help you navigate the Condominium Property Act, and the regulations set out by the condo board.

Our services include:

  • Advice and consultation on following the policies, by-laws and regulations of the Condominium Property Act.
  • Collect and administer fees required for operating expenses and maintaining required reserve accounts.
  • Manage and administer regular and special maintenance for common areas, the condo property and facilities.
  • Regular financial reporting, including monthly reports of income and expenditures, coordinating year end audits with your accounting firm, and preparation and consultation when setting yearly budgets.
  • Expert advice for and assistance on Annual Report development required for the owner's general meeting.
  • Oversee or manage any reserve fund holdings and advise the Board on work required to the property or common areas.

Simplify condo management and get the most out of your property with an experienced property manager. We're always available to our clients.