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Wisdom for the new year
Boxing Day Fun
Scam Alert
Don't fall victim to a rental scam
House & coins
We often rent to people who are planning a move to Saskatoon in the near future.  Sometimes we are asked to enter into a rental agreement based on our stock photos alone.  Our policy is that we will never enter into a rental contract
June 5, 2019
Wisdom for the new year
Wishing all the best in 2019
January 3, 2019
Merry Christmas
Seasons greetings from our home to yours
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
December 24, 2018
Condominium Property Act & Regulations
For any condominium owners & board members
Computer & coffee
If you have questions about owning a condominium, the first step is to understand the Condominium Property Act, 1993, and the Condominium Property Regulations, 2001. Not sure if condominium ownership is the right fit for you? For a
February 16, 2017