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Don't fall victim to a rental scam

We often rent to people who are planning a move to Saskatoon in the near future.  Sometimes we are asked to enter into a rental agreement based on our stock photos alone.  Our policy is that we will never enter into a rental contract until you have personally viewed the property you are agreeing to rent.  We are not trying to make life difficult, we simply think its unethical to rent to someone without them knowing what they are buying.

Photos and descriptions don't give the full picture.  Often landlords will use stock photos, so the unit you are renting may be slightly different than what is shown in advertising.  As well things like odours in the building, and what the neighborhood looks like around you can't be conveyed through pictures and online advertising.  For these reasons we do insist that you personally see the suite you are renting.  

Would you buy a car without first seeing it and driving it, so you can hear if it makes noises or if it even starts? "Just by my car trust me its red and shiny!"  Read more about red flags and how to be a smart renter, by checking out the attached article that The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission has recently published outlining how to avoid rental scams.

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June 5, 2019