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Never stop learning, what will you be reading in 2018...

So far 2018 has been a whirlwind of adventure for our family and business.  The girls have had some travel adventures with their school and as always are busy with dance, we've met many people and started relationships with new clients, and somehow we have a few days to spend with our friends and family in between all the busy times. The days slip by and here we are at the end of April already.  

With our busy life and business I've been asked more than once, why do I add to these committments by adding schooling to the mix.  Well for me the answer is, that in business and in life, we never are finished learning.  I'm constantly learning and adapting to the changing world around us, and this means for me that keeping my tools sharp and ready involves keeping up with changes and trends in our work.  I've acheived this through many different paths over the years, but most recently the path to completed an MBA at Edwards School of Business has been the biggest step out of my comfort zone.  Its meant challenging some long held perceptions, and shifting how certain problems and challenges are approached.  While the MBA is a part time endeavor for me, I've naturally added other courses and workshops to enhance areas that are of particular interest to our industry and the challenges we've encountered.  

So here's to continuing to grow the bookshelf for the remainder of 2018!


Never stop learning...
April 20, 2018