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We've used our experience to match the right tenant to the right

apartment, home or townhouse for rent

with great results. Since 2002, Progressive Property Management has managed a range of different properties, in almost every neighbourhood in Saskatoon. We pride ourselves on our consistent record for attracting and retaining good tenants.

We've used our experience to match the right tenant to the right apartment, home or townhouse with great results.

Our unique approach to managing homes and apartments for rent have netted positive results for both property owners and for Saskatoon residents. We're proud to say that many of the tenants and properties we started with, have stayed with us through the years.

Our approach seems simple to us, and maybe that's why it's so effective. We build relationships with our clients on both sides of the rental market. Our staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained to handle any situation that arises.

Our responsiveness to concerns, our personable approach and our strong ethical foundation allows us to establish and maintain trust. You can trust us to treat your property as our own, and to handle your rental needs with care and responsibility.

Today, PPM manages homes and apartments for rent in Saskatoon, Biggar and Outlook, and we've added cabin rentals in Christopher lake to our properties.

In addition, as condominiums have grown in popularity, we've expanded our condominium management services, keeping condominium buildings across Saskatoon in great shape. Condo boards know they can trust us to maintain their property investment and help uphold the regulations of their condo.

Your Saskatoon real estate is in good hands with Progressive Property Management. Call us for more information.