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Hillary & Bill founded

 Progressive Property Management 

in 2002, and continue to be actively involved in the day to day operations with a great team.

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They continue to be hands on in their business, and enjoy working with clients, condo boards and


Progressive primarily focuses on third party residential property management clients with portfolios of any size. Investors with a single rental home get the same hands on expertise from the Progressive team as do larger condominium boards or rental owners. We take your real estate investment as seriously as you do, no matter what.


Bill Sayed, Operations Manager

Bill studied Business at the University of Milan and continued his studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He has experience dealing with a wide range of ethnic groups due to his extensive travels and fluency in four languages. At PPM, Bill oversees all maintenance and renovations, specializing in renovations, construction and condominium conversions. Bill recruits, trains and provides ongoing support to resident managers and field staff. In addition, Bill inspects each property regularly and provides hands on service to investors.

As the Operations Manager for Progressive, Bill is the first point of contact for owners and condo boards looking for more information about property management service, or details on renovation projects.  To see more on Bill's experience click here.

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Hillary Sayed, Broker

As the Broker for Progressive, Hillary is the first point of contact for owners and condominium boards looking for more information about property management services. Click here for more on Hillary's experience and education.

Hillary has her Bachelor of Commerce major in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan, with additional courses in Economics, Property Management and Real Estate. Hillary is active with several non-profit boards, she has been on the Board of Directors of SKLA (Saskatchewan Landlord Association) since 2014 and the Board of the CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute) since 2016, and CFAA (Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations) starting in 2018.

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Administrative Support Team

Tanya Bohn, Accounting Assistant

Tanya has been with Progressive since 2003. Tanya focuses on the accounting and reporting; however, she also has been instrumental in customer service and directly assists Hillary with many additional accounting and reporting responsibilities. She can take care of everything from scheduling to receiving payments, and enjoys working with tenants and condo owners. Friendly, always smiling and eager to help, Tanya is here for you.

Tanya is the first point of contact for tenants seeking housing, current tenants or condo owners needing maintenance dispatched, and assists tenants in various aspects throughout their tenancy.

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Rolanda Wiebe, Executive Assistant

Rolanda has been with Progressive since 2015. She specializes in customer service with a focus on accounting support, in addition to overseeing numerous clerical responsibilities. Everything from scheduling, to court prep, receiving payments and completing tenancy agreements, her smiling face and eager to help attitude gets the job done.

Rolanda is the first point of contact for tenants seeking housing, current tenants and condo owners needing maintenance dispatched, and can assist tenants and condo owners in many various aspects over the course of her day.

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